Max Foxx

Max Foxx was born and raised in a small town in Southern Sweden. His first introduction to music was at seven years of age, when he began playing on a piano in his home. Following this, he took one piano lesson, which he did not enjoy as he found the repertoire of the music book incredulously dull. Never returning to take piano lessons, Max Foxx began playing his own stuff, which his parents often thought of as being too loud and raucous. When Max turned 14, he bought his first guitar, a Hagstrom III electric guitar. Inspired by Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple, Max Foxx replaced his Hagstrom III a few years later with a natural wood finish Fender Stratocaster, which to this day is still his favorite electric guitar model. It was on this guitar that, only a year later, Max composed the basic chords of Grovy Lane, which have remained the same with the only change that Max nowadays plays the chords on acoustic 12-string guitars. However, after the chords were composed, they were left dormant for decades until a jam session Max had with Nicky Renard in October 2016. Nicky composed some additional parts and the solo, and that was how the decade-old chord progression became the foundation of Grovy Lane. It was first when Max Foxx had Grovy Lane and some other good material under his belt that he finally decided to pursue a career in music. His main instruments are electric and acoustic guitars as well as various keyboards. Max Foxx lives in Los Angeles.

Nicky Renard

It was on a cold Sunday in December, 2001, that Nicky Renard was born. In her early childhood, Nicky’s family moved around a lot across several continents, never settling in one place for long. One of these places was Florida, which Nicky remembers as her favorite. At nine years old, being close friends with a gang of boys and often listening to their music of choice, Nicky became hooked on rock ’n’ roll music and, although she played no instrument at the time, vowed on becoming a rockstar someday. Following this, on her 10th birthday, Nicky received a Yamaha 3/4 acoustic guitar and, after only learning two chords, began composing her own songs. Nicky consistently practiced guitar for half a year until her family moved again during the summer of 2012, which lead to several changes in Nicky’s life and resulted in her guitar playing decreasing significantly. Then, in late 2015, Nicky got back on track with her playing, deciding once and for all that becoming a rock ’n’ roll musician was what she wanted in life. Apart from a few guitar lessons in middle school, Nicky is a self-taught guitarist. Realizing that learning how to play other people’s songs in guitar lessons wasn’t her thing, Nicky dedicated herself to vigorously practicing on her own and composing songs herself. Today Nicky plays on several different electric guitars, mainly Gibsons, and her absolute favorite, the one used on the long solo in Grovy Lane, is a 1960 Gibson TV Special. She also enjoys playing on a custom made guitar from Eric’s Guitar Shop and occasionally still plays on her first acoustic guitar. Nicky has now settled down in Los Angeles.